DNS Management

DNS is critical to how services on the internet work. The performance of your DNS servers will directly affect how quickly your website appears, irrespective of how well coded your website is and the performance of the web hosting servers. So choose wisely!


Our own high performance DNS servers with SSD hard drives ensure your website is located as quickly as possible.

DNS is often considered a black art, especially to many who attempt it themselves. Allow Hosted Scotland to manage it for you. Our technical team have a well-rounded knowledge and years of experience with DNS and can offer a full DNS Management service to update your domain records, MX records for emails, DNS for Microsoft Office 365, additional security records and more.

Emails Sender Protection Framework (SPF)

Want to make sure your emails are not marked as ‘Junk’ by spam filters? Many small businesses neglect or have no knowledge of SPF records. We set them as standard for our domain management clients but even if your domain is elsewhere, we can work with your domain administrator to get it set up within minutes.

Multiple Redundancy

There’s safety in numbers! We utilise multiple DNS Servers on multiple connections at multiple sites to ensure your DNS always works as efficiently as possible and with the highest possible uptime.