Cloud Desktop

Have you ever wanted to get access to your office documents from a remote location?
Or go back into your office computer when you realised you needed to unexpectedly
work in the evening? If so, our cloud desktop services could be the solution.

Our Cloud Desktop offerings have remote access at its heart.

Move your business to our cloud platform to work in a secure virtual server environment
giving you and your staff – regardless of location – the ability to collaborate and
share documents as if you were in the office.


Security threats to businesses are ever increasing.

With cloud working, any information you are working on is backed up by us, and any viruses affecting your PC or laptop doesn’t put your data at risk.

Another security benefit for staff working remotely is that due to the nature of the cloud desktop, should your device be lost or stolen, you can be assured your data is safe as no data is stored on your device.


By utilising software as a service (SaaS) your business can benefit from reduced costs for specialised Microsoft Software.

We are able to provide software such as Microsoft SQL, Office Professional Plus, Project, Dynamics and other software which can be cost prohibitive on a vastly reduced monthly rental.